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About was founded by licensed insurance agent, philanthropist, and fellow Texan, Gary Kofron. With over 30yrs in the insurance business, he has helped thousands of individuals and families meet there insurance needs.


One day during a lunch meeting with several apartment managers, Gary resolved to solve an issue that was affecting apartment renters and managers alike. The managers stated that a lot of their tenants move into their apartments at odd hours due to work conflicts but they are required to have renters insurance beforehand. The problem was that his agency operates regular business hours which is not conducive to binding policies for renters moving-in at odd hours. Especially during the weekend. Most of these individuals were too busy or simply couldn't make it into the office to bind a policy before their move-in date. This is how came into existence.


We offer Texas residents 24/7 access to binding renters insurance for apartments/houses. We make it simple and easy. In less than 15 minutes you can have a renters policy in your hand! Click HERE to get started!

Gary Kofron   FOUNDER

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