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Renters Insurance Protects Your Stuff

What is Renters Insurance?


It protects you and your family from many different situations involving your residence and your belongings. Your renters policy shields you against many perils including: Theft, Vandalism, Fire, Smoke, Water Damage from Plumbing/Furnace/AC/Water Heater.


Why do I need Renters Insurance?


If you rent and apartment, you NEED renters insurance. Not only does it protect you from named perils, renters also protects you when you are legally obligated to pay for an others injury or damage to their property. Your renters policy also extends to the contents of your vehicle. For pennies a day, you cannot go wrong with Renters.


How much does Renters Insurance cost?


A basic renters policy can cost as little as $8 a month. On average, our customers pay $14 a month. This price depends on how much property and liability protection and you need.


Will I get stuck with additional fees for canceling my policy early?


No. You can cancel at anytime without any additional charges. You only pay for the coverage that you used on a Pro-Rata basis.



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