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Can Any Texas City Claim The Breakfast Taco As Its Own?

As everyone who loves themselves and wants to start their day on a good note knows, the breakfast taco is the most important taco of the day. And while countless non-Texans get introduced to the concept in Austin every March during SXSW, the claim that the breakfast taco “belongs” to Austin is a controversial one.

Still, that didn’t stop our friends at Eater Austin from publishing a feature by New York-based writer Matthew Sedacca under the headline, “How Austin Became the Home of the Crucial Breakfast Taco,” which describes the breakfast taco as “the city’s beloved morning dish.” The breakfast taco is beloved in Austin, certainly, but so are all sorts of morning dishes—pancakes! donuts! fresh fruit and granola!—that it would be downright weird to claim as “the city’s.” People eat breakfast tacos in Austin, but that doesn’t mean that Austin owns it.

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